Teleaus Cloud Moves Safe Accountants to Amazon Web Services

About Teleaus Cloud

In today's demanding business environment, which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency; a robust IT strategy is critical. As a registered consulting partner of AWS, Teleaus Cloud helps its customers to achieve these qualities in their IT strategy by providing their system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions. Teleaus Cloud also helps customers to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on Cloud, accelerating their journey into the cloud universe. Certified experts from Teleaus Cloud offers clients the most effective and efficient solutions for their cloud platform adoptions, by providing them a range of cloud based services, web hosting and domain registration.

Provided AWS Services to a Customer: SAFE Accountants

As a registered consulting partner of AWS, Teleaus Cloud is very delighted to provide a cloud based chatbot service to their customer: SAFE Accountants. The chatbot service is powered by Anfactor and hosted on AWS. Also, their website and full system has been fully migrated to AWS, which has been done by Teleaus Cloud.

About SAFE Accountants

SAFE ( is an independently-owned accounting firm in Australia. They help businesses grow, thrive and generate wealth for their owners while managing financial risk and compliance. They’re big enough to have the experience and knowledge to solve tough financial andbusiness challenges – in Australia. Established in 1997, SAFE is unified by a shared vision: to provide responsive, personalized and proactive accounting, business advisory and financial services to their clients. It has a proven reputation for excellent client service. Their advisory services are an extremely valuable part of what they do, giving their customers the guidance to effectively manage their finances, develop an effective tax strategy or increase their future profits

The Challenge

Primarily, the website that has been used for the business of SAFE Accountants, was a static one, which had many static resources and was not much responsive. It was very slow as well. To run their business smoothly and to provide good user experience to their end users with faster response, they decided to make a better, professional website. This is where Teleaus Cloud came to their aid. Besides modifying their existing website, Teleaus Cloud helped SAFE Accountants to migrate their whole system to AWS to utilize all the benefits of cloud computing, instead of on premise legacy systems.

Moreover, being an SME, “SAFE Accountants” had no time to support their customers with expensive customer support personal 24/7, even though their customers have lots of generally inquiries related to their different services like: Individual Tax Return, Advisory Services, Bookkeeping etc. Teleaus Cloud has provided SAFE an Artificial Intelligence Based Virtual Assistant service, powered by Anfactor, that has become the alternative of their customer support team to satisfy the customers 24/7. It can answer most of the general queries of their customers without involving any actual human resource.


As our provided service as well as their website is hosted on AWS, and leverages its easy to use, secure, reliable and scalable features, it gives very robust and fast response to SAFE’s customer queries and searches on the website as well. Also because of tools like Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing on AWS, our provided services can scale up or down based on demand, which in turn provides a very good user experience to our end-customers. Most importantly, AWS; being an extremely highly secured platform, neither us nor our customers like SAFE, need to worry much about the security of their hosted websites on AWS, and the services that we provide to them.

The Benefits

The Principal Practice Manager and Director of SAFE Accountants, Ashoke Kumer Kundu is very pleased with all the modifications to their business website, along with it being migrated to AWS. Moreover, the provided AI Based Chatbot Service has also made their customer support much smooth and easier. “Now our web-based business platform has a really smart and professional look. We have smart features involving artificial intelligence on it too. Moreover, it is of great relief that our system is now fully migrated and being operated on a secure and reliable cloud platform like AWS”, says Mr. Ashoke.

AWS Services Used

Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53
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